Setting up code hinting for Adobe Air in FlashDevelop


FlashDevelop is my absolute favourite actionscript code editor. It has great code hinting for actionscript and some shortcuts so you don’t need to type so much code yourself. Now it does only work on Windows (Sorry to all the Mac and Linux people), however there are work arounds to get it work on other platforms. The only trouble is that out of the box it doesn’t have any code hinting for Adobe AIR. However it’s actually very easy to setup. Just follow along this simple tutorial and you will up and running in no time.

Step 1: Download the latest Air SDK

Now this isn’t really necessary if you have Flash installed already, however it is nice to make sure you are up to date with everything.
Go and download the latest AIR SDK from the Adobe site and extract it, or follow my tutorial on setting up the latest AIR SDK with Flash CS5.5.

Step 2: Step Up FlashDevelop

Open your FlashDevelop AIR project and go to the Project > Properties menu. Go to the Compiler Options tab and find the SWC Include Libraries section under Advanced.

Click the browse (“…”) button and enter the path to the airglobal.swc¬†which for me is in my Flash install directory¬†C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5.5\AIR2.6\frameworks\libs\air\airglobal.swc then click OK, then Apply and then click OK to close the Project Properties box.

Step 3: That’s all folks!

What? You thought there’d be more steps?
That’s it! Now you have all the wonderful code hinting for developing in Adobe AIR.

Your Thoughts

Do you use FlashDevelop? Was this tutorial useful for you? Have you found another great tool to code your AS3/AIR projects? Let me know in the comments.

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